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Yugioh Tea and Mai FMG Story Part 1
by GML
Commissioned by amicrazay
Author's Note: So I haven't written an FMG story for a while as I admit it is really not my forte, but I wanted to do the best job that I can. So here is the first part of a three part series, hope you enjoy!
Somewhere in Domino City...
It was late in the evening and Tea Gardner was both excited and nervous about her day tomorrow.  She was finally going on a date with her crush, Yugi, and had everything ready.  They had confirmed the time and location, and she had already prepared her outfit.  As she got ready for bed, her mind began to think about another person that Yugi sometimes seemed to look towards, at least more than her.  Mai Valentine.  Although they had previously aired out some of their grievances, Tea could not deny that in many aspects Mai was... more improved.  She was a good duelist, much better than she was, Tea admitted, if incredibly self-indulgent.  But what reall
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Yugioh Tea and Mai FMG Story Part 2
by GML
Commissioned by amicrazay

Around 9:00 in the morning the next day, Tea met up with Yugi at the train station.  She was wearing a long-sleeved hoodie and sweatpants.  She had originally thought of wearing something more flattering but overnight, her muscles and breasts grew again, making her wardrobe selection even more limited.  

“Yeah, this was the only clothes I could fit in right now.  When we get to the beach, can we stop by a clothing store? My old swimsuit doesn’t fit me anymore.”

“Sure, I don’t see why not?”  Yugi replied.  He didn’t mind the new Tea, she was more confident but there was a part of him that hoped that her new body wouldn’t completely change how she acted.  

Tea wanted to surprise Yugi, so she didn’t want him to see that she had grown more. Her clothes did a good job of concealing her bulk though it did make her look a bit fat.  They walked about 15 minutes from the station over to the beach, and soon enough, the two of them could smell the sea breeze and eventually the wide blue expanse of ocean.  As the two walked along the beach, there were several stores opening up shop and selling all manner of beach-related wares from clothing, to souvenirs and festival-style foods.  Tea did have a swimsuit that she bought a couple years ago, but now with her pumped up body, there was no way that was going to fit anymore.  She kept her eye out for something that would look both flattering on her and could fit her new body.  

Eventually Tea found a shop that sold a variety of swimsuits of various sizes.  She decided to try her luck as the longer they browsed, the less time she would be able to spend with Yugi.  Tea asked Yugi to wait outside, to which Yugi agreed, figuring that Tea wanted to surprise him.  

“Hello there! What can I help you with?” The shopkeeper asked.  The shopkeeper was a woman who looked to be in her late thirties, with dark hair and brown eyes.  From what Tea could see, was pretty fit herself, perhaps being a former bodybuilder or lifter herself.  

“Um hi….I’m...looking for a new swimsuit, preferably a two-piece, but um...I’m wondering do you guys have something that’ll fit me?”

The shopkeeper looked her over but with the bulky clothing it was a bit difficult to gage. “That depends on how big you are, let’s take a look.”  

She lead Tea to the changing rooms in the back where Tea took off her sweater and revealed a very tight fitting t-shirt and a pair of underwear that looked like it was going to rip any minute.  

“Woah!  Looks like you’ve been pumping some serious iron there girl!”  the shopkeeper commented as she looked over Tea.  “How long have you been training for?”

“Um… a few years I suppose..” Tea said a bit embarrassed.  

The shopkeeper told her to wait a moment as she went out and a few minutes later came back with a couple of two piece bikinis.  

“I think you’ll find these suitable, unfortunately we don’t have too many that will fit your size…”

The shopkeeper left the changing rooms to allow Tea to try the bikinis on.  Tea eventually settled for a two-piece green bikini as it was similar to her old one, but a bit sexier.  Tea changed back into her old clothes, went up to pay the shopkeeper, who gave her a huge grin, and headed out with Yugi.  

The two walked towards the beach for a few minutes and found a spot to set up and while Yugi, having already changed into his swim trunks before arriving, started setting up their equipment, Tea had to go to the cabanas to get changed.   Once inside, Tea got undressed and pulled out the new bikini she just bought, and started to put it on.  Now that she had a little more curves and muscle on her body, it came as no surprise that it was slightly more difficult to get it to fit right.  She simply was not used to putting on clothes over her new body.  The bottom slipped on ok, but it was a little tight when getting it around the thighs.  As she slipped on her top, she had to adjust the strings a little to accommodate for her added muscle and larger breasts.  

After Tea was satisfied she walked outside feeling much more confident than she had been before.  As Tea walked back across the hot sand towards Yugi, she was aware that she was getting a few looks from both genders.  There were a few people at the beach, but it wasn’t packed.  Tea was ok as it meant that Yugi and her would be less bothered.  Regardless, if she had done proper training, she would easily look like she would fit in at a fitness competition.  

“Woah Tea, you look…. Amazing!” Yugi exclaimed as he saw Tea.  

“You really think so?”

“Yeah, whatever happened to you before really has done wonders!” Yugi continued.  His eyes were in shock as he tried to take it all in.  Tea looked more amazing than before as she walked up to him.  Her new bikini showed off her curves and muscles wonderfully, and if Yugi was looking at Tea right, she looked a little bigger than the day before.  

Tea couldn’t help but blush a little and show off a bit, causing Yugi’s face to redden as well.

“Yep, you’re a lot more confident now than before!”

The two held hands and started walking along the beach, taking in the sights, not talking much, but just enjoying each other’s company.  Tea held her head high as she walked along feeling extremely confident.  Tea now had the strength to back her threats if she made any.  She was still uncomfortable doing it, but at least it was more than just words.    Unfortunately, Tea’s new physique attracted a lot of attention, as three, pretty ripped and huge guys wolf-whistled and approached Tea and Yugi.  

“Yo, check out that chick with the little runt!” said one of the guys with blond hair and a thin chain around his neck.

The guy in the middle spoke up next.  “Yeah, that chick is totally ripped man! I mean is she a fitness competitor or something?”

“Totally, she has to be one!  But why is she going out with that kid?” the last of the three said.  

Tea and Yugi paused as the three guys approached them.  Again, Tea wanted to remain as calm as possible.  She hadn’t expected, even though the back of her mind reminded that she should have expected that her new look would get more attention.  Regardless, if she can still find a peaceful solution and just walk out, she would.

“While I do appreciate that you three like my…. hard work and training, I would prefer it if you three left us alone,” Tea said to them as politely as possible.  

“Look, we don’t want any trouble,” Yugi added.  The two of us are good friends and we’re just trying to enjoy a nice day at the beach much like yourselves.  

“C’mon girl, you look amazing! Surely you would have more fun hanging out with guys like us!”

As the three men approached closer and started taunting Yugi more, one of them actually tried to touch Tea before she instinctively swatted her hand at him.  

As Tea got angrier, that odd tingling and warm sensation she felt before started again.  Already the size of a fitness level competitor, her muscles and breasts started to swell out again.  Her abs started to get more defined and tightened up going from a lean six-pack to a very ripped eight-pack.  Tea’s shoulders and traps also pushed outwards making her look wider and ever more buff.  Her legs also added more muscle as well, causing the bottom half of her swimsuit to tighten up but made Tea’s figure ever more pronounced.  

Soon Tea’s body grew past physique size and into bodybuilder size, without any signs of stopping either.  Her biceps grew from orange-sized to football-sized and he breasts were pushing the limits of what was humanly possible to basketball sized.  As her muscles expanded in all directions, Tea was slowly inching upwards in height just like last time.   The three guys and Yugi wisely took a couple steps back from the growing girl, speechless at her growth.  Several minutes later, Tea’s muscles were growing and soon she was just as big as the largest of the three guys with legs and arms to match.  Her breasts continued to push forward and as her bikini top was pushed to the breaking point, a light snapping sound could be heard and her top burst off, revealing her nipples which were sticking out 3 inches from her now beachball sized breasts.  

Yugi and the other 3 almost had a nosebleed seeing her chest like this and Tea also felt her face flush red not with anger but out of embarrassment.  She wasn’t expecting to be so...intimate especially not with Yugi so quickly like this.  As Tea's growth subsided again, Tea reached forward and grabbed the biggest guy and found to both his and her surprise that she was able to lift him with one arm and with relative ease.  Tea figured she was much stronger now, but apparently she was actually even stronger than she looked.  

"I'm not so small anymore, and it looks like I can take on all three of you at once!" Tea exclaimed.  The other guys were trying to back away and Tea simply threw the biggest guy towards the other two knocking all of them out at once.  She took a few steps closer to them and the three quickly scrambled to their feet and ran off in the opposite direction while Tea took a few deep breaths to calm herself down.  W
ith the other guys scurrying away from the newly pumped up Tea, she turned back towards Yugi who was gawking at her.  Tea, now even bulkier and stronger than before, felt more confident than ever.  

“Um...Tea….you….wouldn’t mind if I….felt your muscles a bit?” he asked nervously.  

“Ah….sure I guess!”  Tea said blushing again.  

Tea started with her biceps and flexed her right bicep as hard as she can, creating a towering mountain of muscle that rose up past her fist.  Tea’s heart jumped a little when she saw how huge it was.  She knew that it was her arm, but at the same time it didn’t feel like it belonged to her.  She bent down a little and allowed Yugi to rub and touch he bicep.  

“Woah! It’s as hard as rock! And it’s like a mountain!  Looks like you can lift a car with these!” he complimented.  

Tea couldn’t help but continue to flex her muscles, allowing Yugi to rub and feel them.  It felt...odd to say the least as she never really expected her friend to be so enamored by her, let alone liking muscles on a female to begin with.  They continued like this for some time, before noticing that the sun was beginning to set and Tea was still topless. Tea got an idea. 

“Hey Yugi, you’re not free next week again by any chance right?”

“Yeah, sure, why?”

“There’s something I want to try out.  Can you meet me at the dance studio next Saturday?”

“I think I can do that! Just tell me the time, and I’ll be there!”  Yugi said.  

As it was starting to get into the late afternoon, Tea grabbed her old sweater and sweats and managed to pull it over her so that she wouldn’t get cited for public indecency.   As unflattering as they were, the clothes were able to stretch to accommodate her now even larger frame and muscles, but it was a pain and it felt extremely tight on her body.  

On the train ride back home, Tea tried to keep her head down as many people did look towards her.  She also had to be aware now that she was slightly taller, she had to duck a little to avoid hitting her head on the doors.  Even with her clothes, it was plain to see that she was extremely muscular as her arms seemed to almost want to rip her hoodie sweater apart.  Tea and Yugi got to their stop soon afterwards, said their goodbyes and hugged, Tea again, remembering to be careful with her strength, and parted ways.  Tea couldn’t wait until she met up with Yugi again next week but for now, she was going to sleep, and could feel the bed creaking a lot more thanks to her added weight.   

End of Part 2

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So my name is GrandMasterLucilious, or GML for short. I really don't care what I go by. So for those of you who don't know me you probably have noticed that I am a big fan of extreme muscle and breast inflation and anime. I have been drawing for over a decade and a half and got into FMG years ago when I stumbled on Iczerman, DCM and Scoundrel and Cancuz's works. I was pretty impressed by the art style and was used to MG at the time, from watching and old Schnookums and Meat cartoon and gradually moved on to FMG. Since then, I kept drawing and kept adding muscle to the characters to see how much I could get away with and as some of you may or may not have noticed, I drew a lot of inspiration from cartoons and Scoundrel and anime and combined the three different styles together. I'm always looking for new challenges and drawing new subjects and series.

Links to other FMG sites:

Current Residence: somewhere in midwest
I want to thank everyone, all my supporters, patrons, clients and fans for helping me to hit not one, but TWO major milestones on DA.  When I first started doing drawings like this, I never thought they'd get so popular!  Drawing (of all sorts) has been my passion and hobby since I was very little and I'm always flattered and humbled by the usually great responses of my artwork.  I want to be able to continue to do this for as long as I can, and although this is a side thing for me, it is greatly appreciated!  For that I cannot thank you guys enough!  




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