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Rise's Growth (Part 1)

Rise Kujikawa walked back home along with everyone in their group.  

Her boyfriend, Seta Souji, their 'Leader' had just left to go back home in the big city.  She, along with Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Teddie and Naoto were all saddened by his departure.  Inaba would not be the same without him anymore.

She wasn't going to let it get to her.  It wasn't like she wasn't going to see him ever again.  Before Souji left, he had mentioned visiting her during the May holidays, or possibly visiting them during summer.   The group had talked about visiting the beach a few months prior with Rise leading the way.

Rise talked a lot with Souji during the few months she'd known him.  He helped clear up any doubts she had about going back and becoming an idol singer. Sure, he could seem distant at times, but he really was a nice boy who said the right thing at the right time.  She mentioned how she didn't like the fake 'Risette' side of herself, and felt that it was too much for her.  But after a few events, she decided that being an idol and accepting that side of her made her who she was.  

Souji also mentioned that she could also try looking into being a model as well as an idol.  He always encouraged her to do what he felt worked for her.  He really did his best to make her feel good about herself and that was something that her normal fans didn't do.  He even said he didn't really know about Risette other than seeing a few commercials and was never really into pop culture that much.  Without that preconception, he treated her like a normal teenage girl and that made her feel happy.

As she walked home she pondered her options for next year.  Rise went up to her room, stripped down to her underwear and looked at herself in the mirror.  She was slim, had a curvy figure, but not too curvy, a sizeable bust, and shapely legs.  She noticed she had gained a bit of fat on her stomach but not much, and she wasn't as toned as when she was still working as an idol.  Nothing a little exercise can't fix.  

She then thought to herself, perhaps if I become a bit more fit and muscular, maybe Souji might like me even more?

Rise had a lot of preparation work to do.  

As soon as school started, she made sure to divide her time between helping out at the tofu store, workouts and voice training.  She pulled out several contacts to set up a concert for her big come back in May, just before the long weekend.  She also had to contact agencies to set up her modeling career as well.  Needless to say she was the talk of the town all over again.  But it was also different from last time in the sense that she was accepted as one of the residents from Inaba, and she was more comfortable talking about her career and her work.  When she announced her big comeback, the next day at school as she walked in for homeroom, she was received by a loud round of applause and general encouragement that she chose to go back into show biz.

That day at lunchtime, Rise met up with the others on top of the roof to eat lunch.

"So you're really going through with it?" Chie asked Rise.

"Yep!  Souji showed me that 'Risette' is a part of me, and after serious consideration, I really want to do it! It's my passion!"

"That's good for you! I wish you luck!"  Kanji exclaimed.

"Same here!  Man...I'm so lucky to have gotten to know a real idol..."

"Oh guys, I almost forgot check this out!"

"Oh what what?!"

Rise held out her cell phone and read the text message.  It was from Souji.

To my good friends, I'll be visiting Inaba for the summer holidays in June.  I was hoping to go to the beach as we talked about it before I left.  Hope everything's going well!

"Yeah I got that message as well!"

"So he really is coming back!

"Of course he is! He probably misses cute little me hehe!"

It was settled.  The eight of them agreed to go to beach during June.  Rise had scheduled a photoshoot around that time and she arranged to have some time off with her friends.

After Rise finished her work for Marukyu tofu shop, she headed to the local gym about 9:00pm.

"Ah Rise!  Glad to see you're back!"

Rise pulled off her jacket and pants and started doing her stretches.  

"I see you've been working hard lately.  I heard you're going to make a big comeback as an idol and you're planning on going into modeling?  That's quite ambitious!"

"It is! But I realized that this is what I really like to do!"

"Just don't overdo it okay?"

"I won't!"  And with that Rise began her workout.  She wanted to trim the excess fat on her body first before moving on to building a bit of muscle and tone.   

Rise also decided to ask Chie if she could train with her every now and then.  As Chie was planning to go into the Police Academy, she too had to be in top shape.  Rise noticed that when she was hanging out with her friends she wasn't approached that much by random people.  Then again, because she was with Kanji he was probably the reason why.

Rise got back home that night really sore, but nonetheless feeling pumped and full of energy.  She and Chie had an intense workout right before, and it was unlike her previous workouts.  

That night as she drifted off to sleep, Rise dreamed of herself, as a pop idol with songs topping the charts, a beautiful, fit body and a handsome young man that she could cuddle next to... the dream then shifted to herself training, to become stronger.  She took a sip of a new protein drink that she was told she would be sponsoring, then began to lift weights.  At first it was just another one of her workouts where she trained to build a bit more muscle and tone, but then an odd sensation began to build up throughout her body.  Her muscles began growing, slowly at first, but within a few minutes she packed on several pounds of muscle filling out her frame nicely.  Her dream self seemed curious about this new growth and decided on some tests.  She took a few more sips of the protein drink and added heavier weights to her workouts.  Again with each rep, her muscles inflated like balloons.  Within minutes she began to look very much like a fitness model with splendid curves, toned abs, baseball sized biceps the whole shebang.  

She wasn't sure why, but she found this new experience to be quite pleasant.  The strength, the curves, the power, it felt amazing!  But before she could dive in any further into this, she heard a loud ringing noise and awoke feeling a bit disappointed.

However, the lure of these new protein drinks, would they really pump her muscles like how they did in her dream?  She had to find out.    
This was an idea that i had in my mind for a while that myself and Buffy Yuna discussed. I have not written a fanficition type story like this so please give me your thoughts and feedback. I'm trying to set it up so i could end up with the drawing that i have or Rise super huge and have a story.
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GiantessfanAlice Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011
Yush Persona 4 FMG bout time!!
GrandMasterLucilious Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011
Xenith88 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2011
Oh wow I'm kind of late to this one, not sure how I missed it. Really awesome though, I enjoyed it. I liked the bit of her dreaming of herself, that was great. I hope you decide to continue this and I hope she ends up even *BIGGER* than the drawing! XD

Just totally MASSIVE!
thanks! i plan to make her super huge don't worry
Velocinyx Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
Okay, here I go.

I gotta say the first thing I noticed was the list of names.
In writing, characters shouldn't be simply listed. At the least you could attach an adjective to each of them, then it would be easier to remember them all. If you want to get fancy then add them into an scene, doing something that defines them. Even if they're not present, you can show the effect they've had on another character. Like post-it notes on a desk.

Secondly, a character doesn't describe themselves objectively. When someone looks in a mirror, they don't notice everything about themselves, (unless they have just switched bodies, transformed, taken a powerful mental focus medication that makes them notice everything, etc.) they notice the quirks. To wit, the one hair out of place.

I hope this helps! ._.
GrandMasterLucilious Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
okay that really helps! i'll try and include more of it in the next part!
Velocinyx Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
Lemme know when you have it, please.
GrandMasterLucilious Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011
ok sure i will! i also have three other growth stories i wish to do if you could help me out. i plan on doing a CC growth story and one for morrigan aensland where that'll be a self-insert, do you think you could help me with that?
Velocinyx Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011
1. Sure, where would I find said stories?
2. What is CC?
3. Can I call you Luke? It seemed like a cool abbreviation.
GrandMasterLucilious Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011
well i dont have them up yet, i have partial drafts of the stories. CC is the main female lead of code geass and yes you can call me luke, its a cool nickname
Velocinyx Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011
Is CC an abbreviation?
nope, C.C. is supposed to be her initials actually, pronounced C2, but nobody knows her real name except the main character lelouch and we (the audience) doesn't hear it
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